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China's New $586 Billion Stimulus: Fear of the 2nd Half of 2010 Spreading

What do you do when your last multi-trillion stimulus is expiring and its effects no longer generate asset bubbles as you once did? Why, you launch another multi-trillion stimulus of course, although if you are the US you call it something funky like Pennies for Prosties, Benjies for Bodyrubs or something comparable. China has no problems with nomenclature so it calls it how it is: as Bloomberg observes, "China will announce in August a new stimulus package of possibly 4 trillion yuan ($586 billion), the China Business newspaper reported on its Web site, citing unidentified sources. The plan, from China’s National Development and Reform Commission, will likely cover nine industries including information technology and new energy, the report said." So much for monetary prudence. At this point all economies will spend money into overdrive until each and every economy (that can print its own currency) simply implodes into a Keynesian supernova.