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Mexico issues travel warning over Arizona immigration law


Mexico's President Felipe Calderon speaks during a news conference in Mexico City, Monday. Earlier in the day, Calderon condemned the new Arizona new immigration law as discriminatory. Mexico has issued a travel warning to Mexican citizens in Arizona.

By Sara Miller Llana, Staff writer / April 27, 2010 Mexico City

Americans are accustomed to State Department advisories cautioning them to steer clear of dicey protests and political turmoil in developing countries, including their neighbor to the south.

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Since drug violence erupted in Mexico, the US has warned its citizens of “large fire fights” in towns across Mexico, particularly along the US-Mexico border.

Mexico always grumbles about US travel alerts. But today Mexico got payback.

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In big red letters on its “travel guide” on the exterior ministry website is a travel alert for “all Mexicans visiting, living, or studying in the state of Arizona.”

Since Arizona signed a law that requires people suspected of being illegal immigrants to show proof of legal residence when asked by law enforcement, the Mexican government is warning citizens of the “adverse political atmosphere for migrant communities and for all Mexican visitors.”

When the law takes effect, foreigners without the proper identification can be detained, and even held in migration detention centers, it warns. Until details of how the law will be implemented are clear, it reads, “all Mexican citizens could be bothered or questioned without motive at any moment.”

It also warns of protests that have erupted because of the move.

On Monday, Mexican President Felipe Calderón condemned Arizona for a move that he says “opens the door to intolerance, hate, discrimination, and abuse in law enforcement,” he said.

He promised to help Mexican citizens – whether in the US illegally or not – deal with any violations of their rights.

The government’s travel warning lists contact information for all consulates in the state of Arizona and provides a free, 24-hour help line for all Mexicans residing in Arizona.

The last warning Mexico’s exterior ministry posted, according to the website, was in July 2009, alerting travelers that Canada began requiring Mexicans to obtain visas to visit.

In practical terms, today’s warning will probably not deter those Mexicans who travel frequently to the US to carry out business, visit relatives, and, for the most well-heeled, go on shopping trips. All Mexicans need visas to board a plane north, no matter where they are heading.

It might, however, change the fluid migration routes into the US, which adapt depending on what stretch of the border is more fortified and what kind of local laws are in place.

And President Calderón, who is under pressure from groups to take a firm and angry stance against the Arizona decision, will likely win a political point for this one.

He has warned that trade and political ties will be “seriously affected,” he said. So far, though, he has not specified how.

IN PICTURES: The US/Mexico border


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Comment by TL Winslow
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Felipe Calderon is the head of the ever-corrupt Mexican govt. that has caused Mexico to be such an undesirable place for all but the elite fatcats in the first place, but that doesn't change the fact that Mexico and its people aren't going away, we have to share the New World with them. The question is how, by repeating the mistakes of the Old World with miltiarized borders and paper-demanding police states that make life hell for all, or the Megamerge Dissolution Solution way of working with the people of Mexico to dissolve their govt. and join the U.S. as 10+ new states under our constitution, expanding the border to the seas, where they can finally be sealed against people from overseas? 

Comment by Reed Kleinman
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If a person from Mexico is traveling here, they would have a visa. No worries, they can prove they have the right to be here. I don't understand where the warning comes into play. I'm confused.
Comment by Oyate
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  If Oyate wrote another article like the troll instruction one we bet all sorts of  us'sme's would come back out or not who knows? But that was a party if i do say so myself. Also it appears the ernest troll was beaten and  brutally sodomized be powell and his gang of pedophile bikers.

Comment by Richard Stone
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 How long will it take before the illegals realize that getting arrested in Arizona at an immigration protest will get you deported? (shhhhhhh!) I see that Ohio is working on putting the same law into effect. This will spread to every state that wants to reduce crime and save money. It is a win win situation. No new laws have to be made, only enforce the existing ones on the books. Only criminals would have a problem with that.

Comment by Patriot 2012
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To hell with mexican presidente Calderon. Who gives a crap! He does not make policy for us Americans. Its time for some hard hitting words to him to shut up! and....Mexicans can stay away and stay in their own pitiful country and take care of those that break the law coming here. These are the kind of people that are stupid ! Time to gut it up folks!