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Hey, Net Neutrality: Why Not Try Freedom?

• By Chester Gould
Net Neutrality is a proposal for the federal government to take ownership of internet service provided and owned by private corporations because they believe that they are the best at protecting freedom of speech. This ironic statement is sad when you consider the federal government’s recent role of suppressing the freedom of speech such as;
(a) Three years ago in Morse v. Frederick the U.S. Supreme Court held that public schools have the authority to tell students what types of signs they can hold on their own private property (2007) [1]. (b) In direct opposition to the freedom of speech the federal government purchased Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRAD) from American Technology Corporation for the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh, which lead to riot police using their new weapon for the first time on humans, the arrests of hundreds of innocent civilians, and physical attacks to students at the University of Pittsburgh- all to prevent peaceful protesting with political dissent (2009)[2] [3]. (c) Senator Jay Rockefeller is drafting and proposing bills in congress that give the federal government control over thousands of private corporations’ property and state that the president can “declare a cyber security emergency” and completely disconnect everyone from the internet (2009) [4].

In 2008 the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ordered the internet service provider Comcast to stop their network management strategy, under the guise of what they call an “open internet” [5]. Unfortunately there is nothing “open” about it, as it further inhibits competition and is designed to give the federal government more control over the internet and service providers.


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Comment by Oyate
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 Just wanted to clear something up.

If you send a threat to the notoyate e-mail address, instead of calling the cops the fake oyate will spam you with goatse, Bluewaffle, tubgirl and anything else can muster, or anonymous will just take down our website, as of now we only have one highschool student with a computer from last millenium using stolen wi-fi to bother us but if he gets 5 people with a decent internet connection to help him then we could be in serious trouble.

P.S. If you are feeling adventurous google one of those phrases and click the im feeling lucky button Oyate has and has yet to recover.

And make sure you have people with weak hearts or children or clergy with you when you look at goatse.

Comment by Oyate
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 Hi everyone this is the fake Oyate nau alot of you have problems with me especially when you take into consideration that I AM THE ONLY ONE POSTING AS THE FAKE OYATES HANCOCKS AND POWELLS HERE.

Well this coward now has an e-mail address for you to send all your hate mail and death threats to.

I can be reached at :

Please if you feel like calling me a coward now go ahead i am i will not give out my name or phone number but maybe if you ask nicely i can give you the SPLC number again.

Comment by Found Zero
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Oyate, this is how we pray. There's a ton of ways to pray, efery tradition does it but this is how we do it baby.

First you should know a bit about our cosmology but maybe you will just pick it up as we go along.

When we pray, we usually try to have an INSTUMENT around. My favorite is tobacco but other people use corn-pollen and if nothing else, you use your Sacred Breath but the format is always this:

1. Smudge (bless) yourself

2. Offer respect to the powers

3. Address God

4. Bring blessings on the people (oyate?)

5. Give thanks

And there's a lot of teachings that go in between but this is a typial Oyate prayer.

I roll and light a smoke and inhale like for the first time when I drew breath.

Then I smudge myself. I do this by taking a big puff of tobacco, breathing it into my hand and smoothing it back across the top of my head and down my greasy braids and I am breathing, coming, annoucing myslef and I am building my power and then I address:

To the East and to the South and to the West and to the North, to the Ones Above that see everything and to the Ones Below who always listen and to the One Above, the Holy One, Oyate miyelo, I will speak". And then I just start to list off my concerns and picture myself there DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT. And then you just separate things in your mind: there is that which we can do something about and that which we just have to trust our ancestors or our Toa and our Loha to do. But we walk where the sun does not shine. The reason why we can do anything and not be afraid to die is simply that we are not afraid to die and we are simple warriors: to die for the people is honourable. And now you are starting to get there. You might have to do Inyipi if you want to advance much farther than that. But if you do this, I am obligagted to hanbleche you.


To get started, you must banish all fear from your heart. Fear is the beginning of all hate and violence. "do not meditate on thoughts of violence" said one, (I think that was Thomas Aquinass) and let your feet walk in the way (that's all of us). And that is the whammy. I always have a whammy for you.


To begin walking in The Way you must monitor your every foot step for dangers no-one else percieves.

"What my ears hear and my eyes see, all of the things that touch my flesh, I monitor and decolate, I monitor my every breath"

That is a direct quote from our master. There is more but monitor your every breath. Everything you breathe in, everything your eyes see, everything your ears hear, we monitor, filter and decolate.

Also, swim. A major part of our power is water and water heals us for master said "the things that I cannot ammend I wash away in river streams, I wash away in waters deep".


You didn't know Oyate had a master did you? We also had a Tunkashila. His name was Tunkashila Bird. I am, we are one of his Dream Dancers. If he was still alive, you would not be doing what you are doing now, you would be called to service. When our elders ask us to do something we must do it or die trying.


Now that you have taken the name, I am your elder and you must show respect for the elders and the ancestors and your Toa and your Loha. So if you have come this far, I will give you your first spiritual order. You don't have to fill it now but I want a chocolate milk shake. I want a chocolate milk shake FROM YOU. This is what your elders say to you. Because we say if we can trust you to deliver us a chocolate milkshake, then we can trust you with higher things.

And I want it to be frosty and cool and I want it with a long straw. I want this in the heat of the desert.


Sound impossible? Well that's what Oyates do. The impossible. Our elders can make it rain on demmand so getting me a frosty, miraculous as it might seem, is just gettig you prepared.


You want to be Oyate. I am just touching on the tip of the ice-berg here. It takes a lot of years and training.

And at this point I have told you more than you actually need to know. I have loaded you up with easily 1 year's discipline. Do as I say and you will gain power.

Comment by Found Zero
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Hey Oyate I was looking for you.

I had a total Oyate day today man it was perfect. I totally got elder love. Like the love we get as elders. It was incredicle.

First thing is I was on the phone and our nehew Lester called and said "hey what are you doing today?" and I said "changing the water pump on little truck #2 (we have a lot of equipment) and that was something but Lester says "we'll be right over".

Catch the "we" part? Uh-oh, my tranquil morning is about to be invaded by "we". So I figure I better step outside and do my morning prayers and I open the door and what do I find?

A 12-pack of Natural Ice and some tobacco. See, these are offerings. Elders get offerings of tobacco and corn pollen and these days, Natural Ice beer. And also requests for prayer. "Tunkashila pray for my daughter" or "Tunkashila pray for me so I find peace" or "Tunkashila my car won't start" or "Tunkashila can I borrow a cup of sugar".

And I don't think of myself as Tunkashila. I'm not a chief, I'm just an indian but I have eyes that smile for the people. I tell them the lights are always on, the door is always open. I'm here for you literally. I am here. Hi, I'm here. But my names have metamorphosized over time. I am just over the time when my name was Help. Because anyone, anywhere, any time that called for help, that meant ME. I am Help. I'm here.

That's back when I was a young warrior. Eyes always open, ears to the ground, I could see things....that was back before I was aware of THE FLOW.

But anyways, I had this great day when I opened my door to find offerings and I meant to change my water pump but apparently the young warriors considered this beneath a Tunkashila so they did all the work for me and I got to babysit our daughter Ray-Lee. And I just had to back off and silently sing thanks to our Toa.

And I want to tell you Oyate that it makes me cry. I never expected in my life to be recognized as anything more than a bug. I thought we were all gonna die and the medicine with us. I thought it was over for us, our kind is passing from the Earth and I was so looking forward to GOING HOME and being with our ancestors. And I fully expected to die alone with not much but the salt of my tears to comfort me. As so many of our people have. I thought the world had no place for love anymore. But we do as we do and try to fulfill our mission and sonabitch, there are people out there and they appreciate us!

They leave us tobacco offerings and prayer-notes. So I figure if you want to be Oyate, another thing you have to learn is how to pray.


Do you know how to pray young Oyate? Do you know how to address the powers? Now I want you to research "4-Directions teaching" and see what you can learn. And as always, if you have questions or concearns, you can ask me. And as usual, I will show you how. Little one, I will tell  you how.

Comment by Oyate
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When talking about net neutrality we must always remember that the internet is tubes

That is all