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Learning How to Fight the Collector

(Publisher: My niece sent this to me. She had a very stressful Student Loan squabble with her school that eventually got resolved, but she thought you would benefit from the following information that she wishes she had during that time)
Looks like there is a guy out of Tucson who is a former collection agent- who has a website exposing your rights if ever approached by a collection agency. As some of you may know, I had a student loan that was submitted to a collection agency about 4 years ago. I had never been notified that the loan was late- and was never sent a bill- the school I went to had some shady loan processes- anyway- I was harrassed by a collection agency for a while- and refused to pay them. I insisted that the debt be retracted by the school- and refused to pay any collection agency fees. It took nearly 3 years, but I was finally able to get the school to admit fault- retract the loan and settle/pay the loan. It was an awful experience to go through- but I stood my ground and was not going to be bullied by low-level collection agents. I reccomend taking a look at this site- or saving it- just in case- he volunteers his collection advice for free. Obviously, its not to encourage people out of legitimate debt- but if someone is trying to screw you over- let em' have it! Even still- my debt was legitimate- but was not legitimately submitted to the collection agency- similar to a woman in the story- I knew that the school had sold the loan- were paid for it- wrote it off their books- and my debt was with them- not a collection agency. GOOD to know.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Are you talking about Tom Schauf, CPA and Expert Witness? Tom's site is , and, yes, he lives or used to live in Tucson.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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The web site greets you with "Account suspended." 

Either the story got the web site wrong or the NY Times article produced so many hits the fellow's ISP shut him down.  Something tells me his next project will be Internet/telecommunications consumer law.  Here we go again....