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New Arizona immigration law and ID demands

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As we read the text (PDF) of the law, it imposes no new requirement to show ID credentials or other evidence of identity. On the contrary, it gives people even more reasons to invoke their right to remain silent, never voluntarily to provide any ev

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Comment by Ed Price
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Lawmakers need something to justify their existence. So, they need to make new laws.

People have been people for a long time. For a long time they have had heads, torso, arms and hands, legs and feet, eyes, ears, etc..

There are a zillion laws out there. The laws that exist cover any and every activity that someone might conceivably do. And the activities are covered, each of them, by multitudes of different laws. So, who needs lawmakers? Nobody! That's why lawmakers need to make new laws... simply to justify their existence, and earn their keep.

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