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Anti-Jewish Legislation in Prewar Germany

Antisemitism and the persecution of Jews represented a central tenet of Nazi ideology. In their 25-point Party Program, published in 1920, Nazi party members publicly declared their intention to segregate Jews from "Aryan" society and to abrogate Jews' political, legal, and civil rights.

Nazi leaders began to make good on their pledge to persecute German Jews soon after their assumption of power. During the first six years of Hitler's dictatorship, from 1933 until the outbreak of war in 1939, Jews felt the effects of more than 400 decrees and regulations that restricted all aspects of their public and private lives. Many of those laws were national ones that had been issued by the German administration and affected all Jews. But state, regional, and municipal officials, on their own initiative, also promulgated a barrage of exclusionary decrees in their own communities. Thus, hundreds of individuals in all levels of government throughout the country were involved in the persecution of Jews as they conceived, discussed, drafted, adopted, enforced, and supported anti-Jewish legislation. No corner of Germany was left untouched.


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A fine example of the truth in MLK's words: "Everything Hitler did was legal." 

Comment by Anonymous
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Nazis hated JEWS?!?!?!?!?

This my friends is big news especially when people like powell gamill say stupid crap like Arizona being like the nazis.

*(incoherrent babbling)*


Comment by Powell Gammill
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In 1968, US Sen. Thomas Dodd (Chris' daddy saved his seat for sonny boy) had the 1938 Nazi Gun Control Act translated into English and used it to write -- and in several instances simply copy verbatim -- passages from it to create our gun control law.  Nazi friggin Germany!!!!

Makes me wonder what documents Sen. Russell Pearce had translated for SB1070 and others?