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US Taxpayers Raped: Greek Bailout Loans To Be Junior To Existing Claims

he IMF has decided that not only will US taxpayer money be freely abused to rescue a profligate Greece, but that money will be effectively junior to existing claims, in essence making it some MC Escher DIP reverse DIP nightmare. Basically US taxpayers will be Last In, Last Out, and will recover any proceeds only after existing creditors get paid out. Pardon us, but this is bloody ridiculous. When will someone in the mainstream media start focusing on this??? Americans are getting the short end of the stick, and nobody in this country knows or cares about it.This is more billions that will be promptly paid and never recovered. Euro Intelligence reports: In a conversion with German MPs, that was already being leaked while it was taking place in the Bundestag, Dominique Strauss Kahn outlined some of the details: The package would be in the order of €100-120bn for three years, during which Greece would be taken off the market. (Germany ‘s economics minister said that Germany contribution would be €8.4bn each year for three year running, with a risk on the upside. The Germans had apparently thought that the €45bn would be the total size of the package) The package will contain no element of restructuring and rescheduling The loans will be junior to those of the existing bondholders.