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Oklahoma House passes bill outlawing militias and gang recruiting

• The Oklahoman (video)
Recruiting membership in an unauthorized militia or the Ku Klux Klan would be a crime if legislation approved Thursday by the House of Representatives becomes law. "This is making unauthorized militias illegal,” said Rep. Mike Shelton, the amendment’s author.

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Comment by Howard Engel
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This Shelton guy must be another one of those Obama sympathizers. We don't need people like him in our state. Looks like he's wanting to start a bunch of crap in our state like that in DC. He should atleast take a poll to see how the other people feel instead of taking matters like this at his own initutive. I haven't even heard of this nit-wit before. But, i guess he thinks he can be some kind of a hero by taking a stance like this. He needs to be tied down to something down there on the boarder and see how much sypmpathy he gets from those bandits coming across the boarder. I bet it wouldn't take long before he changed his tune then. And to think he represents us Oklahomans. He needs to go to San Francisco to find his sancuary and leave us alone here in OK. What dose he think he's going to prove to us by trying to pass a bill like this. I can't wait till one of those illegals comes busting down his front door.

Comment by Richard Stone
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 Mr. Shelton, bad idea and big mistake.

Comment by Patriot 2012
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Apparently Mr Shelton doesn't really know the whole truth about the OK bombing....he is a domestic enemy that his own people that voted for him have been deceitfully taken for. He is a puppet also for the FEDS. I doubt if his bill will go through with a majority of Republicans hopefully will vote his bill down. Anytime you have a man (if he is one!) that creates a bill that goes against the people and Constitution, he is the enemy! Period! He would be one to put in jail and give him the firing squad.

Comment by Anonymous
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WHO is to 'authorize' a militia - the Tyrant?  One of the principal reasons for having a militia is to supress and remove a tyrant, and now is that to be done if HE CONTROLS the militia?