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Founding Fathers Not All Glenn Beck Made Them Out To Be!

• / Lola C.
The good non-political people at put together an article several months ago but it deserves to be revisited. If you feel like this article is biased then think about why you feel that way.

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Comment by Sam Weathersby
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Concerned Patriot is quite correct. At one time it was illegal in the Colonies NOT to grow hemp. Lotta US founding documents as well as most Bibles were written or printed on hemp paper. 

 Lots of cannabis use then as well for medicine. Even a queen of England used it for menstral cramp pain.

 If these guys don't like the Founders they can always go to Hugoville. See how they like a country where rights are govt given & retracted at some burrocrates whim. I like what the US Founders gave us. If they had a few foibles along the way, who doesn't. At least Adams, Washington, Jefferson, Franklin & the others used decent language in public. Words such as Nature's God & Inalienable rights are kinda important, but the. guys who say the Founders are not all they are cracked up to be seem like they would rather major on the minors.I suppose it's more important these days to gather attention to one's self...

 Myself I very much like what they gave US in spite of being human.

 Glen Beck is at least trying to present an honest look at our founder's & dispel some of the progressive revisionist history that has helped deceive We The People as O continues the progressive march towards total govt control using inaccurate history as an excuse to ignore the Constitution. . 





Comment by Concerned Patriot
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Sam Adams did not brew beer just checked and that is true BUT George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew "hemp".

Comment by Frank Henry
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A good approach to putting Glenn Beck on the path of the real story
is to do the following two stepper.

1.  Cite what Beck says, and then;

2.  Cite the real story (supply ref).

This will put Beck and all his audiances on the true path.

Thanks and Good Luck

Frank Henry
Cottonwood, Arizona

Comment by Powell Gammill
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That was sweet!  And so was the link at the bottom of the page:

Comment by Don Wills
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Geez! Anything any contributor can do to smear Glenn Beck in the headline is OK here at FP? Pathetic. FP is becoming just another propaganda rag.

This article is satire folks, and should be categorized as HUMOR, not HISTORY.

Today's Glenn Beck show about Sam Adams was truly educational, and yet the only thing about it here at FP is twisted to smear Glenn Beck. Shame on you FP editors for denigrating Ernie's site.

And for those of you ignorant of US History, Sam Adams was the father of the American Revolution. And he didn't brew beer.

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