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Debt, Democracy, Autonomy and Revolution: Understanding 2010-2021

The status quo is morally degenerate: both politically and financially, it is based on an interlocking foundation of lies, half-truths, misdirections, misinformation, propaganda, embezzlement, fraud, prevarications, bogus statistics, fraudulent balance sheets, mis-stated assets and liabilities, collusion, trickery and corruption. The personal experience of debt servitude and loss of autonomy will be transformed into a shared political consciousness which recognizes that each individual is part of larger political/financial systemic ills, and the the solutions require taking control away from concentrations of capital and power. The fruits of production--the output of real work as opposed to the parasitic financial churning of transactions and digital data--will become politicized as those who are producing real value begin demanding a political voice in the governance of the nation. The restoration of personal integrity and virtue will become political goals. The physical degradation and decay of the American landscape, urban and rural, is connected to the misrule of the zombie political parties; a new ideology will emerge to restore the landscape and infrastructure by taking it out of the hands of the Zombie Parties and the corporate Power Elites.

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