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Arpaio says he won't run for governor

I'm glad, however, I'm sure we will just have some other douche bag instead. The only bad thing about this is it means he is still going to be the sheriff. Barry Hess for Governor!!!!

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Comment by Concerned Patriot
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Does ANYBODY tag their comments as "crude or lewd"?

What is the point of having that tag button there anyway?

From now on im gonna type out entire cuss wrods instead of using symbols in them.

Comment by Found Zero
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Nickel bag Joe,

nickel bag Joe,

Giving it up for scumbags and

making it slow.

Comment by Found Zero
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Really? "Nickel bag Joe" isn't running for governor?

It would kind of be fun if he did because there is a heavy, heavy, heavy bag of doo-doo hanging over Nickel Bag's head for ARIZONA LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS.

He's not exactly popular with the old guard of righteous lawment in Arizona. I know. Little Oyate was trained by Arizona cops. They don't like Nickle Bag but their office forbids them to express political opinions.

So I get to express them for the men who wear the shield. Mickle Bag Joe, you are a glamorous attention-hound and we know you have never felt so good in your life but for the time you got your pic taken with your hand on Brittney Spears' shoulder and I don't know how this is possible, but you managed to undignify the most undignified object in the public imagination on that one bro, you really showed us that you are the scumbag among scumbags. With your Frensh cuffs and everything. Who in Ariona wears French cuffs?

You little faggot. You disgrace proper faggots that at least know and behave as what they are. You are a pussy and a sadist and don't tell us what you are not because we already know what you are.

And we know what you aren't. Which is the next governor of Arizona. I wouldn't trust you with a cup of coffee Nickel Bag Joe. You are a liar, you are a cheat and you are a pussy without your blue-badge gang around you and we saw that when you persecuted our activists.


Hey Nickel Bag! See my fingers held up as one? Subtract one from your right side and look for the birdie.

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