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A Republic vs A Democracy

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Do Americans still share the values of our founders? Do Americans know the difference between a republic and a democracy? As our nation is in the midst of the Obama transformation we are on the verge of losing control of the government that the founders put in place to protect us from tyranny. Our country is often referred to as a democracy. However this was not the plan of our founding fathers. In fact the founders goal was to create a republic. What is the difference you might wonder?

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Comment by Ed Price
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Who do you trust more? Your Government leaders (republic) or your fellow countrymen (democracy).

In the case of the U. S. of A., the only way the government people have authority is if use it according to the dictates of the Constitutions.

All the rest of their law-making and talk doesn't mean anything... except... if the people think it means something, and act like it means something. If the people treat unconstitutional law as though it were LAW, they have made it law for themselves by agreement with government officials. It is constitutional because both the people and government are allowed to contract freely, by the Constitutions.

If you don't like the so-called laws that Government is making, if they are unconstitutional, don't accept them as laws. If they trick you into thinking that the laws are constitutional laws, and so you ignorranly agree to them, thereby contract with government, when you find out that they are not laws but are contracts, get out of them for lack of full disclosure.

Find a way to live without a SSN, and cancel the goofy thing because of fraud on the part of government, for lack of full disclosure on the part of government.

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