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Immigration and REAL ID: Remember where you heard this


This is a quick guide to what SB1070 (Real ID, Jr.) is really about. In short, it is about controlling YOU, not Mexicans. Real ID implementation was shut down because it intended to make every American carry an internal (your papers, please) passport that they would have to produce on demand to government authorities. Now RealL ID, Jr. is attempting to accomplish the same thing on a state-by-state basis; using anti-immigrant fear-mongering as a stalking horse. Don't fall for it.

Remember, the Nazis blamed all of their problems on the Jews. Our current racists are attempting to do the same thing to the Mexicans who come here seeking a better life. Both groups whip up their nativist fervor for political gain, and the outcome for us will likely be no better than it was for the Nazis.

Refuse to be a good German!

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"Registering" alcohol sales is already underway, by TARGET stores.  They not only wanted to see my ID (despite my salt-and-cayenne-peppered beard), they insisted on scaaning it into their system.

Keep in mind the TARGET stores are the delivery system for ARCHER FARMS (a large agri-business company).