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Evidence Suggests Early Humans Mated with Neanderthals

"Those of us who live outside Africa carry a little Neanderthal DNA in us," Pääbo says. The study estimates that between 1 and 4 percent of non-African DNA is inherited from these long-ago liaisons with our Neanderthal cousins. "To me this is the most interesting result," says Willerslev. "This is not only showing the Neanderthals and our ancestors had something to do with each other sexually, but that we have to look at the genome scale level to see it." Willerslev also notes that the results could be a blow to racists everywhere, since the study shows Africans are "the only pure modern humans."

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Comment by Concerned Patriot
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That is what happens when you don't need a password and anyone who knows your user name and email(like a family member) can post as you.

Comment by Concerned Patriot
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A blow to racists?

Yeah right racists don't just target blacks asshole, and what about black racists? They do exist and they think just like the white ones like they are better than any other race.

Comment by American Lover
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So wait a minute.....

Does this mean that black people are the most advanced race there is?

No wonder there is that futuristic metropolis full of flying cars and peace in Africa finally closure.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Yes.  The Presidency---So easy a caveman did it.