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Joe Lieberman: We Will Decide Who Has Terrorist Sympathies

““It reflects the changing nature of war and recent events,” Mr. Brown said Thursday. “War has moved into a new dimension. Individuals who pick up arms — this is what I believe — have effectively denounced their citizenship, and this legislation simply memorializes that effort. So somebody who wants to burn their passport, well, let’s help them along.” Identical legislation is also being introduced in the House by two Pennsylvania congressmen, Jason Altmire, a Democrat, and Charlie Dent, a Republican. The lawmakers said at a news conference that revoking citizenship would block terrorism suspects from using American passports to re-enter the United States and make them eligible for prosecution before a military commission instead of a civilian court. Citing with approval news reports that President Obama has signed a secret order authorizing the targeted killing of a radical Yemeni-American cleric, Anwar Al-Awlaki, Mr. Lieberman argued that if that policy was legal — and he said he believed it was — then stripping people of citizenship for joining terrorist organizations should also be acceptable.

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Comment by Sharon Secor (11603)
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In the article, it states "suspected," meaning not proven alliances, but merely suspected. With the rather nebulous definition of terrorist we see nowadays -- how long will it be before those active in the defense of the Second Amendment are designated to be domestic terrorists -- this type of legislation is obviously dangerous and thoroughly illegal, according to the supposedly highest governing laws of the nation. Yet another reason for each and every individual interested in protecting their liberty to commit to all out, complete, and total noncompliance and non-cooperation in every way possible. 

Comment by Ross Wolf (28231)
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Joe Lieberman’s proposed bill would make it easy to strip Americans of their Citizenship and hold them as “Unprivileged Enemy Belligerents” as U.S. Government would only have to show that a U.S. Citizen or group had slight-interaction with a foreign group that touched a terrorist organization, for example Irish Americans living on the east coast of the United States contacting their alleged IRA relatives in Northern Ireland. Since many political groups intersect, even unknowingly with alleged terrorists, Lieberman’s bill would make it possible for a U.S. Government administration to do large sweeps of U.S. Citizens denying Americans Habeas corpus, to try them in military tribunals.  

Comment by David McElroy (1027)
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 Biden is a bastard and not one of the "Sons of Liberty"! Citizenship in these United States is only a glorified term for "slave of the state". We are denied all ten of the rights documented in our Bill of Rights, and the federal government is guilty of everything the Declaration of Independence cited in severing the ties with British government. In fact, quoting our Founding Fathers and defending the original US Constitution can get you labelled an "extremist" or "terrorist".  Illegal aliens are afforded more rights and benefits than citizens.  Biden is a fellow traveler with the Marxist-in-Chief who is transforming what is left of our Republic into a fascist Obamanation where liability and loss will be socialized and profit and privilige privatized in "public/private partnerships" in the shotgun wedding of Big Business and Big Government. Be very afraid...and LIVE FREE OR DIE!  



Comment by Anonymous ()
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We must find a way to convey to "that vast majority that includes the ignorant, the unthinking, and the credulous" (federal court definition of the "public") the importance of demonstrating to those "inside the beltway" that they are as irrelevant to us as we are to them.

Time for another Continental Congress.