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Machete has a message for Arizona

Coming to theatres in September,...but see the movie trailer now,...with a special Arizona connection.


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Comment by Jose Valenzuela
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This movie is not about Mexico or the Mexican sentiment at all. It is Hollywood. What a coincidence, a movie like that just now. Just like El Mariachi but then the Mexicans were dying, now is your turn Americans. Seems like a massage to me, perhaps by some "illuminated " fellows. They are playing us off really good. Mexico is corrupt and hurting, but the same ones that did it to Mexico have done it to us Americans. We are very corrupt and arrogant as a nation, we just like to spit on lets say Mexico, but take all Mexicans out of here, and all minorities just as well. Those left would not be able to compete with a half a nation around the world lets say a nation like South Korea. a tiny nation with great cohones. But look at America big sloppy, fat, totally inept, not very smart, corrupt to the core, very, very BROKE, and armed beyond belief. Nazi Germany magnified a hundred times. I wonder what Russia, or China will do, now that Amerika is out. But maybe we should consider what Jesus will do, I'm researching to find out if THERE it says "Amerika the Great is NO MORE". If it is THERE, then I'm getting the hack out of here. May the good people of this country, and there are many, save this country from total collapse. May good people stand up and love the dignity of humankind. May they reconstruct this nation and make it once again the America that we all loved. A God fearing country, with liberty and justice for all.

Comment by Stephen Kimball
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Send this pussy to my house, he'll never be heard from again! I got a message for Mexico - If there were any real men among you Mexico wouldn't be such a crap hole country! "Oh but they're poor." Yeah, I know. But why are they poor? Your land is filled with resources with access to two oceans, yet you still can't make it work. Rather than being "macho" why don't you actually do something about you own corrupt, dirty, little country?
Comment by Powell Gammill
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With that look Danny Trejo will be the next governor of California.

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