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So, You Think The National Guard Would Never Shoot Protesters

The previously undetected command could begin to explain the central mystery of the Kent State tragedy - why 28 Guardsmen pivoted in unison atop Blanket Hill, raised their rifles and pistols and fired 67 times, killing four students...

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Comment by Maddawg Mcclowski
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 Its a encounter that many hope doesn't happen, but there a MANY that feel If It does happen they better make that first shot count, because our first shots will. The average joe citizen are alot different than the average joe of yesteryear and more prepared and Informed. We feel that foriegn troops will be required to do, what our brothers In the guard and LEO's may not do or question, In this case the foreign Invaders will do what there masters tell them and the fight will be on !! So either way WE THE PEOPLE will deal with the situation at hand and respond as required and In a timely  and tactical fashion....JMHAO

Comment by Anonymous
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 Again, only part of the story - the politically correct part.

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