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Obama Administration Fear Mongers For an End to Your Miranda Rights

Now even Attorney General Eric Holder is saying regulators should consider allowing a longer delay before American citizens must be read their rights. “If we are going to have a system that is capable of dealing, in a public safety context, with this new threat,” Holder said on ABC's This Week Sunday. “I think we have to give serious consideration to at least modifying that public safety exception.” Modifying that exception, Holder said, is “one of the things that I think we’re going to be reaching out to Congress to do – to come up with a proposal that is both Constitutional, but that is also relevant to our time and the threat that we now face.”

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Comment by Ed Price
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In general, people know what is fair and what is not... especially people on the jury.

Keep Miranda by:

1. forcing a criminal charge and jury trial when you are charged with anything;

2. get your attorney (or you yourself, if pro se) to explain that even though the judge knows what the law is and tells it to the jury, that the jury has the right and duty to make or change the law depending on how they judge you... guilty or not guilty;

3. that if they don't like the law as it is, change it through their verdict.