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Is Gulf oil rig disaster far worse than we’re being told?

If it’s true that millions upon millions of gallons of crude oil are flooding the Gulf with no end in sight, the massive oil slicks being created could make their way into the Gulf Stream currents, which would carry them not only up the East Coast but around the world where they could absolutely destroy the global fishing industries. Already these slicks are making their way into Gulf wetlands and beaches where they are destroying birds, fish, and even oyster beds. This is disastrous for both the seafood industry and the people whose livelihoods depend on it. It’s also devastating to the local wildlife which could begin to die off from petroleum toxicity. Various ecosystems around the world could be heavily impacted by this spill in ways that we don’t even yet realize.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Wow! Is there really that much oil down there? Why don't we see that fact reflected at the gas pump?  Used to be that the more of it that there was, the cheaper you got it! Of course, now it's free for the cleanup.