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What next? After failure, BP mulls gusher options

• AP
A day after icy slush clogged the massive box they hoped would contain an out-of-control oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico, BP officials on Sunday said they may try again — this time with a smaller box.

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Drill baby drill?

Oh yeah, that's kinda yesterday. Well, we already performed every step of the ceremony in the proper traditional manner. First BP said nothing happened, then they said it was small and under control and kept up that line for like a week and then admitted it was a bit worse and then eventually a lot worse, whereupon the words "I don't think anybody ever imagined this could happen".

It's the old Ceremonial Ineptitude. See, these guys treat environmental lawsuits and disasters as INCORPORATED EXPENSES. In other words THEY'VE ALREADY MADE THEIR MONEY.

Even their insurance carrier knows they'll never, EVER have to bear the full cost of a cleanup that easily overcomes the scope of human capabilty. And they knew government will feel impelled to come and help them look like they are doing something about it. More "your tax dollars at work". That's why local fishermen are retrieving oil booms from shorelines and trying to redeploy them. The booms are a GREAT PHOTO OP when first deployed on a sunny day. They are useless to BP after that so.....

Something else to feel good about while standing at the pump this summer: your taxes are going to help, in part, to bail out this debacle and keep BP in business.

Alas, every presidential candiate I can remember has unveiled their radical new energy proposal of the future that relies on coal, oil and nukes. Every year these three great pillars of our salvation are rolled out with fresh bunting as the only viable solution for the future.

Every wonder why that is? Every wonder why the mere mention of a wind-power generator makes many republicans want to stomp a Snowy White Owl to death?

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