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LA Teacher Teaches Sedition To Students, Touts Revolution

• DRScoundrels
This man is preaching sedition, not only against your country people, but against your whole way of life. To be substituted for what? Gang style neighborhoods and barrios? Such wealth, social programs, medicine, science, and of course green power and clear skies and water like south of the border? This is the revolution that this man is calling for? Che Guevara was a murderer. Castro was a dictator and murderer and the majority of the peoples this teacher mentioned are living if not in abject misery, hunger and destitution caused by their own power wielding tyrants taking all the money and freedoms then they are on the edge of it. This man isn’t a teacher. He is a seditionist. Period. That is a crime that is explained in the Constitution.

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Comment by Ross Wolf
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This video spoke of initiating a Latin American Cultural Revolution above the Rio Grande, creating a Northern Latin Front that potentially could involve 40-million Latin Americans—that would integrate its goals to dismantle capitalism with those of a  global struggle, similar to Socialist Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. This video did not clarify whether this revolutionary struggle in addition to opposing capitalism, opposed any form of free enterprise, or whether Communists in the U.S. and abroad might participate in this Latin cultural spirited revolution in the U.S..  I watched this video carefully to see if it violated the Patriot Act, it appeared not to. However this video was a wake up call and perhaps a portent of serious civil unrest developing in the United States, unrest that may force a more expedient solution by U.S. Government to deal with millions of illegal immigrants in our midst, something Obama is unwilling to address.

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