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Slaves 37, Financial Elite 62: Audit the Fed Fails

In the meantime, America still pretends it is not a bankster-controlled despotic regime, in which the wealth of the middle class is funneled every day into the Wall Street/Propaganda ponzi. We will provide the rollcall and names of all financially secure for life, pardon, nay voters shortly.

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and they laugh in our face! Yeap....we are toothless fairies, we are suckers every day, but we have a choice to make in regards to your future and your family's future future. You either believe that whoever you elect will not ever change or make change in regards to the Illegal Fed reserve. That change exist in sanctions against the US Government. No State shall give any tax money to them. No More Money! If they come get us, then we have reason to physically fight back. That way we will see every piece of paper and running traitor in DC about their deceitful criminals acts upon the American People. They are in fact a National Security Risk! They will continue to use the power they weld now that is what the American people fear. Well folks, its either them or us then. Either stay and watch worst come or leave this country and watch from afar. 

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