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Today on - May 12th 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010
The Dark Heart of Conservatism
David Gordon on Bill Buckley.
The Truth About Elena Kagan
Butler Shaffer on the myth that justice is blind.
The Welfare State Is Through
Gary North on PIIGS, banksters, voters.
Politicians Lie to You About the Economy
John Williams of Shadowstats exposes them. Article by Chris Thompson.
The Big Short
Jim Quinn on how Wall Street destroyed Main Street.
The Nickel-Free Nickel
The feds are creating even more worthless coins. Article by Elizabeth Williamson.
Geographically Diversify Your Gold Stocks
Jeff Clark on the three steps to take.
Every Decent Man Is Ashamed of the Government He Lives Under
The wit and wisdom of the brilliant libertarian, H. L. Mencken.
US Government Bonds Are Junk
Martin Weiss wants the feds' credit-rating agencies to admit it. Article by Matthew Craft.
One Thing You Can Say About Jesse Ventura
He's never boring, and neither is American Conspiracies, says James Guy Roberts.
First Water, Then Food, Then Security
The priorities of survival preparation.
Eight of the Weirdest Hotels on Earth
And you know you can't wait to check in.

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