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The Perversity Of Bank-Driven Policy Response

Here's the problem with this, assuming you're not a bank executive: The money these people skim off comes from all other economic activity. That is, every dollar they make through these "activities" is a dollar you lose as a productive member of society. It cannot be otherwise. The spread has to come from someone, and the "someone" it comes from ultimately is you! You pay it at the pump, you pay it in your mortgage, you pay for it at the grocery store, and you pay for it at Home Depot. In each and every product and service you purchase there is an implicit "Bankster Tax." Now some of this "bankster tax" is unavoidable. That is, there indeed is a need for a banking system, despite the claims of some. We have a penchant in modern society for being able to easily buy things we want, and do to that we need both one or more mediums of exchange but also a clearing mechanism. Banks provide this. But what's lost on most people in the current debate is that many of the other things that banks do are actually quite destructive. Have you noticed that you can only get a CD that pays 1% right now? Is the cost of living rising at 1% or less? No, it is not, which means that you are funding the bankster tax if you have your money in the bank. They're stripping you! Worse is the game being played between the banks and Treasury. This is a symbiotic mess and it sucks. The banks borrow at or near zero from The Fed and then buy Treasuries with the money. Since Treasuries have a "Zero" risk weighting, they can then pledge those for Repo money in the overnight market (again, at essentially zero) and now they have cash to do it again! This creates effective infinite leverage and yet this is permitted because these "securities" are sovereign and thus "safe." This has allowed the Treasury to continue to "borrow" and spend, but the "borrowing" is, to a large degree, false money. That is, it is nothing other than leverage - it is not actual money being lent. This, if it does not stop, is how you get a Ponzi-style collapse!

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