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Los Angeles approves Arizona boycott over immigration law

• Arizona Republic
Los Angeles on Wednesday became the largest city yet to boycott Arizona over its tough new law targeting illegal immigration in a move that likely will affect some $8 million in contracts with the state.

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Comment by Concerned Patriot
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Oyate do you see this?

This guy is posting as three different people but there is/was a poster here!

Comment by Asia pride
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The American government is mistreating even famous India artists on the border. This is a declaration of war against India! Americans are the enemies from all the people all around the world, except the Israelis. They are declaring war on anybody (except on Israel).

Comment by European Independency
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Hey European pride, You are too soft, because you just want to kick out the so-called “Americans”. Did you not hear in the news what their “US-Department of Homeland Security” did with a German singer when she entered the US-border with a valid visa? They told her: “We think that you are indented to live permanently in the US, this is why we will throw you into the prison now.” They really put her into the prison even when she did nothing illegal and then sent her back to Germany afterwards. In this case we should throw these “Americans”, living in Germany, first into the prison too, before we sent them back. We should especially catch all the American soldiers and CIA-officers and put them into the prison, because what they are doing and how they are (mis)treading European visitors on the US-border is a declaration of war against Europeans!

Comment by European pride
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America belongs only to the Native Americans, to nobody else. The immigrants into the US changed the society from the Native Americans in the last two to three centuries dramatically and not for the advantage of the Natives and even killed a lot of the Native Americans. Now the old occupiers are scared that the newcomers might do the same thing with them? However, America for the Natives, Europe for the Europeans, Asia for the Asians, but what to do with all these old immigrants, so called “Americans” living in the US? They do not belong to any place anymore. Should we send them to the moon? I do not think that the moon would be happy about it. But we, the Europeans should definitely kick out all the Americans from Europe because they are doing the same with us. They are kicking out the Europeans that are coming in nowadays. Then we should scream in return: Ami go home! The problem is just they do not have any real home. I feel sorry for these poor so called “Americans”.

Comment by
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So I guess the 2.5 million Illegal aliens now residing in LA will not be vacationing in Arizona this year. Neither will they be having their kids born in Arizona AZ taxpayer expense....


Sounds like a win for Arizona. I tell ya' what! 



Comment by Ducati Jeanne
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With Arizona as the epicenter, this has gone international.  France has declared the burka a non-French, and therefore illegal article of clothing.  Putting their definitions in proper order the French point to this as not being race related but a society related decision.  Too many people from a society that views the world and how to conduct a life in it completely differently from the host country will change the host country's society, and not for the better.  For forty or so years these changes have been encouraged and/or ignored in democratic governed countries against the desires of their own citizens.

La Raza calls Americans racists because we want to keep the society we have. Our own government is attempting to confine the discussion to race by labeling this as "diversity", and saying its a good thing.  A conceptual refocusing to reference this as the clash of different societies would go a long way to sorting it out.  Those on Main Street are starting to understand this as well as the elitist's who, with their politically correct agenda, are trying to keep the discussion focused narrowly on race.

In the end I don't want my country to become a third world nation.  I want the people that are here to be Americans.  No hyphen necessary.


      Buck Norton

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Now that is funny.

Comment by Trouser Chili
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Alright!  Now we can stop sending them electrical power!  I think they would appreciate us holding up our end of the boycott.

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