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US Soldiers ‘joked about killing women and children’

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An Iraq War veteran who served with the company shown in the "Collateral Murder" video released by whistleblower web site Wikileaks says the military trained him to dehumanize Iraqis.

In a videotaped interview released Wednesday, Josh Stieber told The Real News Network things that troops did on a regular basis in basic training, including chanting during marches, were the start of his loss of faith in the US military.


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Comment by Found Zero
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It's not fair to call a soldier out for his words in war.

Joking around is one of the ways we deal with death up close and personal. Ask me how I know. Acutally, don't, I don't want to tell you.

But this is the most base form of blaming the victim. A soldier sees things you and I don't want to see. War is a horrible thing and it makes you try to blow off steam any way you can. Because it's NIGHTMARISH and HORRIBLE.

Honeys, Kittans, do you really think there is anything funny about a dead, eviscerated body of a former human?

Nope, there ain't.

Do you think it helps to try and make jokes about it?

Yeah, sure does. It helps us get over it. We're trying to externalize pain and suffering and the way we do it is my talking about it. It's called a CISD. Critical Incident Stress Debriefing. It's part of how we're learining, in real time, to prevent PTSD or what I prefer to call PFS which is "Permanently Fucking Screwed".

Kittans, the world of information can put us right there to judge the actions of the soldier but trust me, you have probably never been in that situation where you know your lack of action could endanger your buddies. War is a horrible, nasty business, NSFW, not intended for children.


So castigate not the warrior, castigte yourselves for putting or allowing to be put a caste of social degenerates into office for your representatives. Blame yourselves for putting the most mal-adroit and misanthropic people into power. Look in the mirror and see you life coming true before your eyes.


You sick and twisted bastards and human filth.

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