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We Warned You! New Fat Kid Laws Coming!

We told you it would happen. We warned you that if they got their paws on our health care they would start telling us how skinny or how fat we could or should be. Now, Mrs. Obama, the epitome of perfection in all things has started the ball rolling with her Fat Kids are a National Security Risk and it has snowballed into The Healthy Choices Act, which was introduced by introduced Rep. Ron Kind (D-Wis.), a member of the House Ways and Means Committee.

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Comment by foundZero
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Oh wow man.

Know how two wrongs don't make a right?

And you know how "vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord"?

Well I admit to taking a very perverse pleasure in this one. I dearly hope that every sanctimonious fat-ass pew-sitter that banned me from smoking in my bars will suffer like little beaten whippets and howl through the long hours of the night in utter solitude. I had envisioned, nay prayed for this day to come.

And this is my considered opinion. I know full well as a warrior the ramifications of wishing all hellfire and damnation to descend upon your enemies but let's face it: all hellfire and damnation have they wished upon us, we are merely the face of the return-fire. Hellfire.

As go the smokers, there goes the fire. Fat people, you are in the cross-hairs of social condemnation now. It will make you long for the days of racism when people were merely judged by the colour of your skin. Now we will judge you for how much of it you have.

You bastards judged my for what I put into my body. Now you are judged by having too much of one. Fate, my friends, is heartless and so were you. And Oyate's judgement is fatal. You can literally live or die by my words. And these are my rare words of death. From which I would borrow from Ya'Hezkel (Ezikiel);

"Because you have neglected the widow and the orphan, I will leave no stone unturned".


And Ya'Hezkel continues (man that guy could go on, think I am verbose?):

"Because your hearts are soiled and stained AND YOUR STREETS ARE FILLED WITH VIOLENCE"

Does that remind you of anybody or any time? Look in the mirror lately?

OMFG, check out Oyate the evangelist. my Gods and ancestors, I think I was preaching there. Did you see that? I was a-preaching!

Now I know what you know, ancestors, I always knew we were under a-preachiated. ;)

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Thanks Rich.  I heard a brief blip on this afternoon's news about this but didn't find it.