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UN Agenda 21 & the New World Order Pt 2

• Uncommon Sense
Here is a continuation of the trail from across the internet on UN Agenda 21 and the forces that seem to be driving this initiative. The UN Agenda appears to be the evolution of the principles and ideas of the Progressive and eugenics movements of the early 1900′s. The plan or plans which look remarkably similar to Agenda 21 are at the core of the agendas of several secretive elitist groups such as the Bilderbergs, the Council for Foreign Relations, The Council of Rome and The Trilateral Commission. The goal of one world government which offers the elites an unchallenged position of power through control of all resources and services on which everyone else must rely. Yes – this sounds far fetched and crazy but watch the videos, follow the threads. This thread runs through government websites across the planet. The central themes are around; Sustainable Development, Climate Change, Global Governance, Population Control and Social Justice. There is something going on and is start

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