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Ron Paul in Iowa: Freedom is the Answer!

• Ron Paul

May 15, 2010

Ron Paul in Iowa: Freedom is the Answer!Ron Paul kicked off the Campaign for Liberty's Iowa Conference with a powerful speech Friday night.

Watch Ron Paul's complete speech and post your comments:

Ron Paul 2012? Pledge Your Support!Ron Paul repeatedly said that he has "no plans" to run for President in 2012. To help us change his mind, we hope to present Ron Paul with 100,000 pledges of support by early November.

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Ron Paul on the Euro, the Dollar and GoldRon Paul was interviewed by Jan Mickelson on WHO Newsradio 1040 (Des Moines, Iowa) this morning. The Congressman talked about the dollar, the euro and gold, and gave an update on his efforts to audit the Federal Reserve.

Listen to Ron Paul's interview here:

Senate Rejects True Transparency: Audit the Fed Amendment Fails 37-62Senator David Vitter, Republican of Louisiana, put forward an amendment that would have mirrored Ron Paul's tough Audit the Fed language, but the Senate rejected it this week. The vote was 37 to 62. (The Senate instead passed a modified "placebo" amendment that had the support of the Obama administration.)

Find out how your Senators voted:

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For Liberty!

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