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Day 1 Report on the Manning Trial of Barack Obama

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Day 1 of the Manning trial of Barack Obama in Harlem, New York is now history. Observers from all over the world and from various states were in attendance, including persons from Germany, Canada, Hawaii, California, Texas, North Carolina, Virginia, and Florida.

Today's activities were primarily preliminary--the march around Columbia University, the questioning and selection of the jury, and opening remarks by Dr. Manning.

The trial begins in earnest tomorrow.

A synopsis of Day 1 can be found at The Conservative Monster, where you will also find photos from the event. Here is an excerpt from the report:

The indictment was handed down via a grand jury and the subpoenas were refused by Columbia University and the Obama administration according to the testimony.

Indictment alleges:

1. Columbia Univ. and Obama conspired to defraud and commit wire fraud and mail fraud

2. Columbia Univ. knowingly concealed the fact that Obama is NOT a natural born citizen

3. Columbia Univ. aided in obstructing justice

4. Obama fraudulently obtained office of the POTUS gaining access to sensitive materials, posing a danger to national security.

5. The prosecution dropped the charges of treason and espionage to avoid complications with a death sentence.

Dr. Manning stated that the charges of treason and espionage were dropped due to the fact that if the jury found Obama guilty, they may recommend the death penalty. Manning said he does not believe in capital punishment and therefore recommended to the prosecution that those charges be dropped.

Controversy ensued outside the building when a few Harlem residents protested the fact that 'birthers' were in their community. They accused the gathering of being 'racist' although it was being held in a Black church and planned, organized, and implemented by a Black Harlem pastor.
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