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Gulf Oil SPILL: What a Lie!

• J. Speer-Williams
"More worrisome yet is hurricane season is coming. And a Gulf hurricane that hits any part of our Gulf Coast, this summer, could produce unheard of destruction, sickness, and death." I smell a large-scale eugenics operation, with the money cartel licking their chops.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Are we looking at anything besides an oil gusher here?

Seems to me that we are being shown how much oil there really is. How many of this type of well would it take to supply America with all the oil it needs?

I truly don't know. But if this gusher continues, there might be a point where it will be evident that there is so much oil that we should have a pump price of gasoline near 25 cents a gallon... except that it is being hoarded by the oil companies to keep the price high.

Comment by Barbara Peterson
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 My first thoughts? Not enough damage has been sustained. The population needs to be reduced to 500 million.

Comment by scott vincent
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Why hasn't the US Navy (not the coast guard) used a couple of well placed torpedoes to close that entire oil field??

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