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Justin Raimondo: Not Another War, Mr. President!

We look and act like madmen in front of the world – but that, of course, doesn’t enter into the War Party’s calculations. They have their own interests, as opposed to the country’s, at heart. This is all about domestic politics, and competing factions with the Obama administration. The realist faction, which generated the original uranium-for-fuel-rods proposal, has been trumped by the hawkish Hillary. She has cut them off at the pass, stepped on the brakes, and reversed course: not only announcing the new sanctions, but also claiming both Russia and China are on board. This bald assertion, I’ll bet, is more a symptom of her own hysteria than a reflection of reality. The Russians may have used the sanctions issue to extract concessions from the US, such as canceling the aggressive placement of “Star Wars” anti-missile systems on Russia’s border with Poland, but I wouldn’t be all that shocked if the Russkies failed to live up to their part of a tacit agreement. As for the Chinese, they greeted the announcement of the tripartite pact by enthusing that “the whole world should be relieved.” Not in Hillary Clinton’s world, however. Nor in Obama’s, as many progressives and leftists are beginning to discover to their deeply felt sorrow. US intransigence in the face of the Iranians’ clear desire to reach a settlement should shatter any remaining illusions about the Obama administration on the left side of the political spectrum. Recent events are rapidly separating the wheat from the chaff: those who oppose interventionism and bullying in principle, and those who are being bought off with pork, perks, and power.