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Frank M. Ahearn: Learning How To Disappear

Go by yourself to a pre-paid cell-phone and never give anybody the number. Make sure you can dial an international number with your cell-phone. If not, buy a pre-paid calling card then throw it away when it expires, do not reload it. With the pre-paid cell-phone get a phone number that has an area code in another state. When you order your pre-pay cell-phone pay cash and give them a different name. Never call anybody with that phone, the number might show up on his or her caller ID. Start calling where you’re looking to escape to from your pre-paid cell number or calling card. Dump that phone every month, yes, the actual phone, and get yourself a new one. Get a new cell-phone with a different number and a different area code from the original phone. By doing this no one will be able to track where you have called. Remember if you make one call from your home, work or cousin's house that is all I need to locate you. Get yourself a locker and leave all your tools in the locker, never bring them home or to work. If you accidentally toss them in the trash, then someone who is searching your trash will find them. When you are ready to escape you can empty your locker and destroy all information that could leave a trail straight to you.

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