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Ocean's Depth and Volume Revealed

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The Earth's oceans are among the most mysterious places on the planet, but scientists now have at least figured out how deep the oceans are and just how much water they hold.

A group of scientists used satellite measurements to get new estimates of these values, which turned out to be ....

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Unacceptable. This would ruin the song "it's as deep, deep deep as the sea, high, high, high as the sky,  wide, wide, wide as the ocean blue is Jesus' love for you and me."

And it was said that the wall is so tall you can't climb over it the wall is so deep, you can't dig under it and the wall is so long you can't go around it.

Thus I was taught not to quantify every damn thing out of existence. The only reason I can handle Mish and Denninger is their quantification simple attempts to explain HUMAN BEHAVIOR not the nature of reality.

The volume of the ocean is unquantifiable because we are still incapable of understanding what an ocean is and who lives there and why and why they are important.

Perhaps in other words, you might be able to determine in rough terms how much an ocean is but have no idea what is in it. Or what it even means. Until recently when you suddenly realize that oil is washing over the reefs of the Keys, the 3rd largest barrier reef in the world, a source of life for all things aquatic, now do you realize just a piece of what an ocean really is.

Because you are foolish and short-sighted humans. I know. I seem to be one of you.

Perhaps when your scientists can fully quantify an ocean, it will be known to you as "that really big thing we just totally fucked up".

And I have often said that the last human being on this Earth will be a scientist who can finally and conclusively determine that we are all dead-ass corpses rotting under the sun. And he will be able to explain, with no doubt, exactly why this happened. And he will be able to explain this to the air, to the sky and to his ancestors maybe.

But scientists don't believe in their ancestors, do they?

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