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A Time To Speak Out: Before the Guillotines Fall

This is your last chance. When this things breaks the 99% of people on this planet that have been unwilling victims of a very small group of elitist political and corporate players and others will be so completely destroyed they are going to go after people and in a very serious way. This must be done calmly and without violence but it must be done and it will be done. At that point the backstabbing and selling out by people that previously held alliances with one another will be so chaotic it is going to be tough to separate those did the most harm from those that were willfully ignorant. I fear that being willfully ignorant will not be a defense that will appease many so it is best to come out before that point is reached. For those that have read A Tale of Two Cities or just generally know your history remember what happened in the aftermath of the French Revolution. There was illogic and indiscriminate punishment applied in many cases. I hope this never happens and I will fight to prevent it all the way but the best thing one can do now is come clean if there is anything you need to come clean about. Bob Dylan said it best in the quote at the top. This is the chance. Do not let it pass you by because of fear or greed. Truth is all that matters.

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Comment by Ed Price
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If this is done "... calmly and without violence ..." it will have been approximately the first time.

Of course, until we are in a position of active strength, we need to say it this way, peacefully, and with love, to protect ourselves from the stronger powers... powers that use violence against just about anything they don't want to hear, right?

Comment by Ross Wolf
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The Sub-prime mortgage scam crashed the real estate market and directly and indirectly destroyed millions of Americans financially. Millions more Americans now face the prospect of their own economic collapse. Meanwhile, no CEOs or top executives of financial institutions that participated in promoting, writing; and selling overvalued Sub-prime mortgages to investors, has been sent to prison.

The Recklessness of banks if unabated, could not only cause a long-term collapse of the U.S. economy, but also result in marshal law or ultimately fascism being imposed on Americans to maintain order. When the economy collapsed in the 1930’s, 90% of Americans lived in rural farming communities where food could be grown at home or purchased cheaply. Homes were not heavily mortgaged. Since the depression, 90% of Citizens live in metropolitan communities. Now envision what might happen in 2012 for example, if millions of LA residents after an economic collapse could not pay their rent, mortgage or buy food. The U.S. would have to send troops into large cities to keep order, militarize civilian police and establish tent-cities for the unruly and homeless. Constitutional Protections could be terminated; most retirement accounts would be worthless; little government money would be available for Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare.  It is important that banks and other financial institutions not use government and depositors’ money in a manner tantamount to betting at a casino.


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