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The Fishy Origins of Humans Revealed

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Humans have hardy prehistoric fish ancestors to thank for paving the way to their eventual evolution, a new study suggests.

About 360 million years ago a mass extinction event hit the reset button on Earth's life, wiping out most of the fish that existed then near the time when the first vertebrates (all animals with backbones) crawled from water towards land. The species fortunate enough to survive set the stage for modern vertebrate biodiversity. 


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Comment by Ed Price
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How many evolutionists were there?

A lot can happen in one year. More can happen in a decade. Untold numbers of things can happen in millions of years. Nobody has a clue about what really happened back then... or even if the "back then" existed. We do not have a science that can correctly visualize the distant past. Science even has a hard time visualizing the recent past when it has recorded history to help it along!

A famous scientist turned science fiction writer of a half century ago, or so, prefaced some of his science fiction stories with the following:

"Please bear in mind that we KNOW very little. It has been widely believed that the velocity of light is the limiting velocity, and many of our leading authorities hold this view--but it cannot be proved, and is by no means universally held. In this connection, it would appear that J. J. Thompson, in "Beyond the Electron" shows, to his own satisfaction at least, that velocities vastly greater than that of light are not only possible, but necessary to any comprehensive investigation into the nature of the electron.

"We do not know the nature of light. Neither the undulatory theory nor the quantum theory are adequate to explain all observed phenomena, and they seem to be mutually exclusive, since it would seem clear by definition that no one thing can be at the same time continuous and discontinuous. We know nothing of the ether--we do not even know whether or not it exists, save as a concept of our own extremely limited intelligence. We are in total ignorance of the ultimate structure of matter, and of the arrangement and significance of those larger aggregations of matter, the galaxies. We do not know nor understand, nor can we define, even such fundamental necessities as time and space."

All this hogwash about evolution as being scientific is just that... hogwash. It is designed to politically manipulate the minds of the naive away from logic into benefits for the evolutionists and others who want to enslave us all.

Comment by Anonymous
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 Clicked through to read the article.

Other than the very first sentence, which is religious scientism, the article is good, factual and scientific.

Comment by G Money
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And if you notice lots of people still honor 

The Great Fish

By putting Great Fish Emblems on their Cars!


Comment by G Money
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And the Great Fish predicted oil spills

before his time

and we heeded his warning

and Crawled out of the Sea!

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