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CFG spokeswoman Ann Marie Calhoun missing after controversial video leak

Ann Marie, who is also the spokeswoman of Conspiracy For Good, uploaded a confidential lobbyist video by the UK security company Blackwell Briggs onto YouTube after the video got leaked earlier this week. She also posted a re-edited version of the video commented by herself: “This is the truth they don’t want you to see. Help us fight corporate greed, join the resistance on” Watch both videos here now: and

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Comment by Chip Saunders
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 THIS IS A HOAX!!!!!!!!!


The individual in the Blackwell/Briggs video who calls himself Sir Ian Briggs is actually ACTOR/DIRECTOR Andrew Hall, best known for starring in a 1970's BBC television program called BUTTERFLIES. He has been primarily a stage theatre director of plays ever since. See info and photo of him here


The "leaked" videos are now undoubtedly some sort of viral PR campaign for some movie or other project. This seemed obvious to me from the start, simply by the very poorly advised use of certain key phrases that would be guaranteed to enrage the public. In doing a brief Google search, although there was much seemingly extensive chatter about Blackwell/Briggs, none of it was older than May of 2010!! As if Blackwel/Briggs, the international corporate giant just sprang from nothingness this month. Well, fact,...that's exactly right, because it don't exist.


This is the entertainment' industry's preferred method of marketing buzz creation these days, and stunts such as this will happen more frequently as time marches on. We all got to learn to recognize the signals of fakery, or we run the risk of looking as foolish as all the lemmings who at this moment are chattering all over the web about this damned thing and this supposedly missing/kidnapped/murdered violinist.

You can't stop the signal,...but you can get suckered.  :(

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