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Ariz. governor uses puppet video to sell immigration law

• The Hill

Who knew that Kermit the Frog was this into politics. The campaign of Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) has put out a video that features a frog puppet -- that looks much like the famous Sesame Street character -- to help sell the state's controversial immigration law. 

The frog encourages opponents to read the immigration law before criticizing it. 

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 Great commercial! Thanks for posting!

Comment by Mike Dugger
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I watched the video and I think it does a bad job of making a good point. Still, though, I believe the onus is on the proponents of SB1070 to prove its value. It does seem obvious that in drafting and amending the bill its proponents sought to anticipate and allay many potential criticisms; particularly related to racial profiling. Time will tell how well this works in practice.

Where I have reservations are in the areas of determining actual immigration status or citizenship. How will this not lead to a de facto national ID or ever Real ID scheme? Where is there any language to prevent road blocks/check points being used to screen travelers' citizenship (papers, please.)?

I'm also concerned about the Stasi-enabling sections that provide for an official form alleging employment of undocumented workers; including anonymous informants. Today undocumented workers, tomorrow whom?

All in all, SB1070 looks like a Pandora's Box to me. They should call it the Arpaio Enabling Act of 2010.

Comment by Martha Payan
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That was a well-executed commercial, I, like the frog idea, I, like the key word idea, (Read!!!),  I, only wish they had included big mouth Al Sharpton, and AZ  Politician, Kristin Sinema!!!! 

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