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Rand Paul Gets Same Treatment as His DAD!

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Have you seen what the mainstream media has done to derail Rand Paul's 2010 campaign? Why do lawmakers really want to pass the Arizona Immigration Bill? Why do more and more American's NOT want ObamaCare? Is America preparing for war with North Korea? Join us on this weeks edition to help answer these questions. Plus, we sit down with one guardsman who refused to disobey the Constitution by taking part in post-Katrina Gun Grab.

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Comment by Concerned Patriot
Entered on:

Same treatment as his dad?

So libertarians worship him as a god even though he is a republican?

Comment by Jerry Alexander
Entered on:

I hear that the "Tea Party" has given up on"Rand Paul".

How can that be?

The "Tea Party" has no leader,yet someone made that decision without asking this "Tea Party" member.

I wonder how many other "Members" they forgot to include in their Leaderless Decision making process?

Someone is calling the shots....who is that someone,is it a "Leader" with a mask,Or!, is it a "Leader" with a secrete MO.

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