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Today on - May 26th 2010

Wednesday, May 26, 2010
The Trouble With the '64 Civil Rights Act
Ron Paul on federal power vs. freedom.
The American Tombstone Is a TV Set
Stupified viewers neglect work, says Gary North, while Asians produce.
Property Rights, Liberty, and Immigration
Glenn Jacobs – Kane – says the traditional libertarian approach is the right one.
The Financial Markets Are Like a Twinkie
And that's not good. Article by Bill Sardi.
Ron Paul: Way Ahead of His Time
It's as if The Case For Gold were written for 2010. Article by Randy Radic.
Germans to the Rescue
For which they'll be blamed, says Eric Margolis.
Financial Reform is a Waste of Time, Money, Energy, and Everything Else
Put your money in real assets, says Jim Rogers.
The Federal Budget Is to a Tolerable Government
As the Palace of Versailles is to a two-car garage. Article by Robert Higgs.
Can I Leave America With My Guns and Gold?
Some expatriate advice on moving out. Article by Aurelia Masterson.
The Supersonic Fall
No it’s not the stock market: a skydiver plans to break the sound-barrier. Article by Dugald McConnell and Brian Todd.
A Man's Vocation
Brett and Kate McKay on finding it.
There's More Food Than Alcohol in Your Fridge
And other signs you're getting old. Article by Zack Barangan.

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