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Homegrown terrorist threat to be part of National Security Strategy

When the Obama administration unveils its National Security Strategy on Thursday, it will be the first time any president "explicitly recognizes the threat to the United States posed by individuals radicalized here at home," National Security Adviser John Brennan said Wednesday. The strategy acts as a blueprint for how a White House administration intends to protect Americans. In the past, it has focused mostly on international threats. But a spate of terror-related plots in the United States recently prompted the Obama administration to include homegrown terrorism in the document, Brennan said.

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Comment by Stand United
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want to get rid of the Fed, secure our borders, remain sovereign, rid the federal government of corruption? Check out this link about how to get rid of chemtrails, I know you think that it has nothing to do with what I am talking about but it does. Its just the best link to share to get to the point.


Comment by Patriot 2012
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I don't get it. All these folks talk and talk about their feelings on every single web site in regards to what the Criminal FEDS continue to do and are going to do with us especially calling us Terrorist just as our Founding Fathers were called by King George. Doesn't this look like a criminal act put upon the American People? We have a Constitutional right to OVERTHROW THE US GOVERNMENT!  But as you know folks, the Feds have created their own form of government without our consent! So why haven't we dealt with this? Because the American People continue to believe in the farce of voting. Not going to work ever! If we as a people are ever going to get back to where we should be, eliminate and cut off the head of the top chiefs and destroy the illegal depts such as the CIA, FBI, ATF and the list goes on. We are under oppression and have been for quite some time. If we are smart, we would drop every thing we do and march on DC and arrest all those implicated with every single law they created illegally. If those elected do not know the difference between right and wrong in the world today, then we have nothing but visionless public servant and they will never turn from their ways. We have to recognize and believe in the Constitutional Ideology our Founding Fathers gave us and not Sway OFF! Thats why we are where we are at today. A butt load of power hungry Traitors whom do not know where to take us but heap loads of power upon themselves. When does the real war start?

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