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Video of illegal alien checkpoint for expanded document search

• youtube (h/t Stephen Lemons)

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Comment by Sterling Smith
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Powell, I support many of your efforts and viewpoints, but NOT on this one.  I clearly draw a line in the sand right here.  This video was very bad taste and completely ignorant of facts and history.  This is where I am separating myself from many associates in Freedom'sPhoenix.  I do NOT support 'open borders' and think it is a silly 'pipe dream'.  How many of you lock your doors at home when you go to bed?  How many of you have a fence around your home and property?  How many of you secure your treasured posessions and belongings?

The whole assumption that the American Settler's stole this land from the the Native American's in ludicrous!!  Would you be happier if the Russian's had been successful, or the French?  Hell, why not the Spaniards??  Then you would be happier sitting around a Native American campfire singing in Spanish!
Comment by Die Daily
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A must funny and it really showcases the heart of the new law. Or heartlessness. You know what I mean.

Comment by Maddawg Mcclowski
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 emphasizing style at the expense of thought; "mere rhetorical frippery"

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