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Phoenix police officer killed mourned by friends, family

On Wednesday, as most of Phoenix was asleep, Murphy, the father of a 2-year-old girl and a baby boy born just two weeks ago, was gunned down in the shadows of a home by the type of criminal he tried to keep off the streets.

The shooting happened after Murphy responded Wednesday to what appeared to be a routine emergency call of a suspicious person near Indian School Road and 19th Avenue.

Moments later, shortly after 1:30 a.m., Murphy suffered multiple gunshot wounds in a confrontation with a man suspected of firing from a dark alcove.

Murphy's fellow officers scrambled to stop the bleeding as they rushed him in a patrol car to a nearby hospital.

He died about two hours later from what police described as severe blood loss from multiple gunshot wounds.

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Comment by Chip Saunders
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 Actually, it is not uncommon at all for some individuals dosed up on meth or other drugs to strip their clothes off due to their core tempature going through the roof. It is also a misnomer among some circles in the criminal world that when being tracked by a dog, stripping down and leaving clothes behind will distract the dog or make it home in on the clothes. Either might be an explanation of his nudity. Or maybe he's just crazy as a shithouse rat. Who knows?

Comment by Jet Lacey
Entered on:

The shots that killed that cop woke me up.  There were 9 shots fired, one right after the other and in rapid succession.  The cop must have been ambushed because there was no return fire.

Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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Something is really strange with this story...they state "He later was found [naked] in a backyard shed at a nearby home. He was taken into custody after police released a K-9 unit dog and subdued him with [rubber bullets]."

1. Why was the man nude?

2. Why was a naked man shot with rubber bullets and K-9 released on him?

I think that the man who allegedly shot the cop may have felt that the only way he would be allowed to live is by stripping off all his clothes because if he had not the cops would have MURDERED him. The cops do this ALL the time. They flat out murder people who are suspected of killing one of their own and that behavior has to be stopped. You can't murder someone you suspect of murdering someone....

Since he was nude the cops figured they could not kill him so they just decided to punish him by riddling him with rubber bullets (which are so painful you would rather be shot) and then they released a K-9 dog on him. Remember the man is nude and a suspect...He was escorted to the hospital (which you paid for)  to treat his injuries from the cops. Remember when the police act like this they are no better that the thugs they are trying to remove from the streets.

No matter what you take from this we have to understand the man is a SUSPECT. Police are NOT judge, jury, and executioner. They are paid to APPREHEND with the least amount of violence possible. You are innocent till proven guilty...even the dipshit nude guy in a backyard shed and the minute you sway from that you will have problems.

In NO way am I making excuses for the suspect and If it is proven in court that this man did murder that cop he should pay the price.


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