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Red Cross defends treating Taliban casualties

Editor's Note: For those of you who have given money to The Red Cross, I know that they do great work but come on!
Next time you give money to them you might want to ask yourself if you are really paying for Taliban fighters to get first aid training and to be saved so that they can go on to kill U.S. troops in Afganistan.
I know that this isn’t representative of what the Red Cross normally does but give me a break!

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So, like, what part of the Geneva convention only applies to white people then, bucko? By your logic we should be doing the old Zionist two-step and just shoot the crap out of their ambulances all the time. Man if the Taliban shot up an ambulance of ours you'd probably have a hyperpatriotic meltdown. Get a grip. They can have ambulances and medics and doctors. Says so in the Geneva convention. Unless the writer is a Neocon, I trust that the Geneva convention is known to him?

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