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Darpa’s Beady-Eyed Camera Spots the ‘Non-Cooperative’

• Wired
Soon, keeping your head down won’t be enough to stump high-tech security cameras, thanks to Pentagon-funded researchers developing mini-cameras that can nab threats by hunting down — and scanning — their eyeballs.

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Comment by Ross Wolf
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Iris-detection has been around for several years. The main difference now is that advanced photo technology has been developed to covertly scan the eyes of the public and non-cooperative Citizens’ that don’t want their iris eye information stored in government computers without their consent. The Israeli Government was one of the first governments to utilize iris scanning to identify terrorists that sometimes were men dressed as woman and wore wigs.

U.S. authorities and certain businesses that deal with the public use face recognition software video surveillance connected to computers to photograph new faces or recall faces already stored, by instantly measuring facial depth, width, length and height. Computers mapping facial features and iris recognition can be very invasive of lawful Citizens’ privacy. For example, when you drive through or stop at a traffic signal that has a face recognition camera and your right front passenger’s “face measurements” are in a government computer, your face may be stored in the computer because your are with that person; including your presence at that location, date and time: thereafter when you are traveling, or driving alone or with a passenger, cameras with face recognition may continue to report your information to government computers; and likewise for your passengers down line. Currently such cameras are few on public streets, but that may change in the name of protecting national security. It should be expected this kind of video surveillance will greatly expand in public places like airports and shopping malls.The UK has over 2.1 million surveillance cameras. New York City wants to exceed that number.


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