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US House votes quadrupling of per-barrel oil tax

The US House of Representatives on Friday voted to more than quadruple a per-barrel oil tax that fills a special trust fund to pay for damages from major spills like the Gulf of Mexico disaster. The measure called for raising the eight-cent-per-barrel tax to 34 cents, raising nearly 12 billion dollars over 10 years for the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund, which currently holds about 1.5 billion dollars.

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Comment by g b
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Just remember, corporations do not pay taxes, PEOPLE DO!!!!!

Comment by Wight Alien
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 This is JUST the beginning. Think not? 'Wait until the law suits begin rolling in and

U.S. spillage oils reach the shores and beaches of other countries. Hurrican season rolling in. Geeeeee. How do the "turnip IQ people" predict the churnning of heavy crude beneath the waters now (not to mention a future, more devistating time)... what to expect for American inland destruction as violent storms blow and push more and more and deeper inland? I'd suggest to anyone, taking this opportunity to sit back and take a few, peaceful deep breaths before the future arrives. TY

Comment by Damn Bastards
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SERIOUSLY!?!? Mad doesn't begin to describe how I feel right now. These people all need to be tried for treason against the American people and the people of the world, and then strung up for their crimes against humanity. They are not representing us. They are screwing us over and over and over again. We are to pay for BP's F**k up? SHUT BP DOWN! Shut down all of the oil companies! Stop surpressing technologies that would allow us to live without the burden of greedy politicians and corporate monsters! Humanity deserves extinction, plain and simple.  

Comment by Digital Gravy
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Why in HELL should the American consumer be saddled AGAIN, with some OIL COMPANIES SCREW UP? Is it not becoming clear to anyone with the IQ of a turnip that OUR CONGRESS is the PROBLEM and not the solution.

Do we not already pay out the A** for our gas because we have no alternative energy for our transportation needs! Our civilization is based on cars and trucks, planes and trains! We have NO CHOICE in this matter. I say instead confiscate BP's assets and use that as a trust fund. And once every things back to where it was BEFORE THE LEAK, then if there's any money left over BP can have it back!

Comment by Steven Lester
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I think they should raise it to 34 DOLLARS a barrel.  And, by the way, freeze BP's assets until the damage and costs of cleanup are fully assessed.

Comment by Anonymous
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 US House votes quadrupling of per-barrel oil tax

Never let a good crisis go to waste.

Comment by Doug Nusbaum
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34 cents per barrel --- oh the horror. Why that is a full 1/2 of one percent on each barrel. That is socialism pure and simple. Next thing, those socialists will expect upstanding capitalists like the CEO of BP to actually pay real money to people who get sick just because they were stupid enough to live near a toxic oil spill and have their health and businesses destroyed.  

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