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In short, the national security strategy document is pure propaganda, aimed – first and foremost – at the American people. It is they, after all, who are paying for the implementation of this grand strategy: a world empire of bases, occupied countries, and interlocking alliances that enables US hegemony. Reading these national security strategy documents in chronological order, from beginning to end, is not only sure to produce a splitting headache, but apt to impress the reader with the remarkable consistency with which our rulers pursue their dream of global domination. Oh sure, there are stylistic and strategic differences between Republican and Democratic administrations: the former insist, at least in theory, [.pdf] on going it alone, while the latter prefer to "partner" with their European social democratic friends. The right wing, or radical caucus, of the War Party is stylistically Napoleonic, thick with grandiloquent phrases like "global democratic revolution," while the "left" partisans of the same murderous policy are notable for their sanctimony, invoking "humanitarian" goals as cover for brazen imperialism. However, both camps share certain ideologies and themes which vividly illustrate the old saw that "politics stops at the water’s edge." And both employ the same methodology of deception in their mutual quest to put one over on the American people and drag us into their world-planning, empire-building schemes — in the name of "national security."

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