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Syria arming Hezbollah from Secret Bases

• The Times Online

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Comment by Die Daily
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Yeah, Mike, you getting an AIPAC cheque we don't know about after all? These are really over the top. Significant source problems AND then there's the part about the "facts" being completely ass-backwards. Don't be trying to turn this here site into a war-mongering forum. Between you over here and Root over at the LPC, maybe we should just do a money bomb on behalf of the Pentagon and be open about "our new direction".

Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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Mike, are you a freaking neo-con tool or something?

Why do you continue to post this crap? It's just paragraphs of mindless drivel .

The story says "according to security sources." Well, what security sources? From where?

Is it the same sources that said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction ready to kill everyone with?  The story is nothing more than Israeli propaganda story telling. They are slowly molding the minds of the people before the false flag.

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