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Fed Up In Missouri Episode 1 (Video)

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Are you... Fed Up In Missouri... with government and politicians?

Are you tired of unprecedented government spending on... * TARP Wall Street bailouts * Stimulus spending that only stimulates more government * Auto company bailouts * Health care 'reform' * Cash for Clunkers

Are you tired of government imposing more and more job killing laws and regulations such as... * NAIS - National Animal Identification System * Cap & Trade - Cap and trade on carbon emissions * CPSIA - Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act * FSMA - Food Safety Modernization Act

Are you tired of local governments gone wild... * Red Light Cameras * Speed Cameras * Police Surveillance Cameras * Police License Plate Scanners * Taking of homes and business by government eminent domain for private gain such as shopping centers * SWAT Raids for crimes when no person has been harmed * Smoking Bans infringing on the property rights of business owners

Are you tired of infringements on your civil liberties... * REAL ID - National ID Cards * PATRIOT ACT * TSA Airport Security * Warrantless wire taps * Asset Forfeiture

I Am Fed Up In Missouri, what can I do?

There is a way you can send a clear message, one which the big government Democrat and Republican politicians will hear.

Vote Libertarian in the August 3rd primary. Turn the August 3rd primary into a referendum on how the big government politicians are leading this country into financial ruin. A big turnout to vote Libertarian in the August 3rd primary election will put these big government politicians in both major parties on notice that you are Fed Up!

Episode 2 coming in June 2010  

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