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Indian Communities Condemn Obama Administration for Militarization of U.S./Mexico Border

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TUCSON - The Coalición de Derechos Humanos along with groups across the country, condemn Tuesday's announcement that the Obama Administration will send 1,200 National Guard troops to Arizona and will request an additional $500 million to "secure" the Mexican border.

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Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

And young one, welcome home. Welome back. My eyes shine. You make our eyes shine.

We approve of you, young one. Not the people on Freedoms Poh-enicx-a t'ah but you young people.365

And would you believe that after all this time we still love you?

We we do. We are always thinking about you. Every time all the time. 24x7x365.

And elder brothers and scholars of the movement, I would ask you to have understanding for such posters as Concerned Patriot, because thought many are not convinced, there are cerain words this person had said to me that only an indian can say. Many people have fiured out how to email me and they are all Wasi telling me that Concerned Patriot is not a "real indian".


I dare you, I double dare you to show me what a "real indian" is. Bennis Banks himself  wold have to qualify. And I tried to qualify but I couldn't make it.


Truth: I'm nobody from noplace. I got nothing.The kids are enrolled in Chippewa tribe. We were able to prove heritage. They got free medical and dental and lots of other things. They are Nez-Perse, part of Chief Joseph's part of the tribe so they got a free education at MCSU. From my patrilineal line, this is a first.

Now tell me why, oh nephew, that you attack my brothers without further education? Do you really mean to attack my brothers and are you ready to face me as an enemy? Because I am a terrible and fearsome enemy to face.


I would much rather you oranize us protectors under the tutillage and guidance of your elders such that we can protect you and restore the land and harmony.


Now will you do this thing? Will you stretch out your arms in peace or will war happen?


To this I leave  to you, young brother.

Comment by Found Zero
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Ho, don't piss me off young one.


A lot of people in Wasi way don't understand how you can be my tribal elder and still be my younger.

Uncle, don't do this. Whom are you? Cherokee? I don't think so. You sound like Wici people. I am just a follower of the New Way, the New Red Road. I'm one of Grandfather Bird's Dream Dancers. That's all I am.

You say you are Pima o'odham. OK. Ohan. Know how many people can relate Pima O'Ohdam to the people? Eectly 0%. That's who. Nobody but you. You are the only one. You are the only one. There is nobody but you. And that makes your voice special and necessary.


They are about to ban me for the craziness, what they think is craizness but you and I have a different mission. Our mission is to bring our sensibility to the rest of the people so the medicine can apply to them and heal them because I am 7th Generation Prophecy and I believe that White Buffalo Calf came back to give us a sedond chance.


You to me are that second chance. You speak truth. And I am trying to protect you.


As your elder, I would comand you to protect these people as I will protet you and yours. And don't even bullshit me, uncle, we know. You are my uncle by tradition.

So why don't you tell me one good reason right now that me and my brothers don't come down with our rifles to defend you now?

Give me one good reason in our whole heart and your whole mind my me and some trusty brothers do no come to defend the housed of your elderlies right this very second. Why do not I, as your brother, why am I not already there, sleeping in your houses and defending you? With my dog and my firearms, ask yourself, why are we not defending you now?

Is it because we have white faces? Because our white faces are mixed with red and I already know our Algonquinnn people have made the Wampum with your people.


No more hiding you little prick, we're one people. I fight for you and you better get up off your ass to fight for me you little sack of shit. This is the New Time and 7th Generation mis reborn. Geet up, I am ordering new tomahawks and we might just use 'em, but mindfull, you little prick, that our only weapons are to be love and understanding once They come back.

We're all trying to get better at that you little fucknose. It's easy to hurt people little uncle fucknose. Now is the time when we hurt them but take care of them.

 My new tomahawk has two sided brother: the side the hurts you and the side that maims you. I love you either way but which side do you want?

Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

Watch it young one. I am watching every move you make. You have identified yourself as blood. You watch every move you make, every step you take. Because I am not above calling you out in open combat.

 Tradition states that you can attack me with any weapon but traditiont states also that I get any weapon to attack you back with.

Well and good. I choose tomahawk. You will use rifles and I will attack you with my tomahawk. And I will beat you. Because your heart is fill of hate and mine is full of love. Therefore will I beat you, you with your rifle and me with my tomahawk. But even if I do not and you shoot me dead, my people will live on. And if you are such a mighty warrior, then prove yourself now. Try me. Come and try.


Truth is your people have forgot how to be warriors. You are not part of a warrior clan. You git shit. You got dick. You're elders fear to go outside at night and YOUR WARRIORS cannot protect them.

So what, in truth, do you have to say to me? You whom cannot even protect your elders?


You should really be humble and ask for our help unless you like the depredations of the Fed workers. You pussy faggots.


Like you, your tribe does not even know friends from enemies.


Comment by Don Cordell
Entered on:

 I wonder if they will commend the new National Guard troops like they did the Tennessee National Guard a few years back for withdrawing when facing Illegal Aliens, to keep from confronting the enemy. When we brag about retreating when facing the enemy, our government can stoop no lower.


Comment by Concerned Patriot
Entered on:

I am a day late on this story but now you know I'm more than a troll, I contribute to this place.

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